Dan - “The other band members?, there’s will who plays bass and he’s, he’s awesome, and then there’s kyle who plays keyboard, uh, who is also awesome, now i have to say that about everyone, then Woody plays drums, he’s, he’s less awesome, but he’s also awesome, well he’s more awesome. [laughs], and everyone sings and stuff, and we all kinda move around and yeah, no, it’s uh, we have quite a lot of fun.”

I know! What even is shinee, they are too perfect to exist. When my friend first introduced me to them i was like meh but now I'm like hell yeah while i cry simultaneously. And sorry for writing confusing things i just didn't really know how to express my taemin feelings

omg yes! and i listened to some of their songs in 2011 but never actually got into them that much. but look where i am now lmao

you can always come to my askbox and discuss taemin with me because, i mean, i would love to do that. bc my irl friends (and some of my internet friends as well) just ignore me whenever i start to talk about shinee D: haha

I'm sorry if I was being mean, I'm often quite insensitive without meaning to.. and i didn't mean he lacked dancing or singing skills, he is actually kinda amazing he just sucks in a way that first he is cute?? and then suddenly he performs danger and I'm like taemin stop you're confusing me stop being so terribly perfect and ugh idk shinee in general is kinda terrible but I can't stop loving them

ah, that’s what you meant!! okay then. but yeah same i kinda hate shinee they all should be arrested for being so damn perfect i just

so I was scrolling through your blog and I was like ??!? she likes shinee?? and dan and phil?? and her gifs are amazing??! are you even rEAL?? and then I was like hmmm seems like taemin is her fav and I'm thinking about telling you he sucks but I bet you already know that and yet he is kinda not bad so that's cool and I just wanted to say that you seem to be quite amazing and omg this sounds so dumb, sorry >< have a good night or day or whatever ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


and oh,… ohhhhhh. that was a bit rude, don’t you think so? you could’ve hurt my feelings. but i think that his vocals have improved so much and now he is just incredibly good + his dancing is just wow wowowowow. so i’m gonna have to highly disagree with you on that. but yeah anyway thanks for messaging me!

Title: Torn Apart
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